Mobile Settings – Development

  • Mobile Settings – Development

    A huge critic on Community Framework 2 was and still is the responsive design. Many users miss some elementary features, all in front the “Mark All Forums Read”. I already planned to publish a plugin with Community Framework 2.0 to enable this features again but there were a bug in this framework version, which lead me to not publish it yet. Now with Community Framework 2.1 the bug is fixed and I can publish it.

    The features are disabled by CSS so they are basically available. With the plugin you can reenable them by using the options in the ACP this plugins provides.
    At the moment the following features can be enabled again:
    • Logo
    • Board Descriptions
    • Board Stats
    • Users Online
    • Sub-Boards
    • Code Line Numbers
    • Permalink and Message Mark Feature
    • New Badge
    • Complete Page Navigation
    • Signatures
    • Navigation Icons
    • Style Chooser
    • To Top Icon
    • Clock
    • Icon for the first breadcrumb element
    • Icons in Thread List
    Some first impressions how the settings let the mobile design look like:

    As regular customer of any plugin this “Mobile Settings” will be available for free. For any new customer it will cost a small amount of 1,95 €.

    If you have any further ideas what you want to reenable on the mobile design, just write a new post here. Any feedback is appreciated.
    Viele Grüße
    Best Regards

    Matthias Kittsteiner
  • From now you can purchase the new plugin in the product area:

    Regular customers can download the plugin for free in the support area of the plugin. Regular customers are all customers from KittMedia Productions until today and every customer from the WoltLab Plugin-Store who has activate himself for the support until now.
    Viele Grüße
    Best Regards

    Matthias Kittsteiner

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