And how can I do? I'm not very experienced. there is a way through links indicate the category you take them?

    Maybe I got it. The code that I put above is partially correct but is general. It would take something from that specifies which category should take them, right?

    So should I put this link somewhere?

    So, what I need is a box with a specified number of threads of a given section. So I decided to put the title of these discussions with the link back to them.
    The problem is make it happen. Is there a way to create something like that? Ie through links generic specify where to get the thread?

    As in the case of the recent activity box:

    <p id="threadTitle{@$thread->threadID}">
    <span class="prefix"><strong>{lang}{$thread->prefix}{/lang}</strong></span>
    <a href="index.php?page=Thread&amp;threadID={@$thread->threadID}{@SID_ARG_2ND}"{if BOARD_THREADS_ENABLE_MESSAGE_PREVIEW} title="{$thread->firstPostPreview}"{/if}>{$thread->topic}</a>

    I need to install two recent activity box, one is already installed, and it is for the entire board.
    Instead I would like to install another but only take threads of a given section. There is a plugin that is right for me? or a solution?

    It's the errore code.